How much does Frogly cost?

Frogly is free the first month to discover the service. Then the price for the use of the service is € 9.90 per month (for 1 accommodation) or € 19.90 per month (up to 3 accommodations. For more please contact us). Our clients improve their income by 10% to 30% on average.

Which cities benefit from an adjustment for events?

For now, many European cities benefits from the price adjustment for the events nearby. We invite you to visit the page Cities to see all the cities available.

What is the minimum price of my accommodation?

Your minimum price is the minimum price at which you are willing to rent your home for a night. If you put a relatively high price, this will limit the ability of the algorithm to lower your prices to attract last minute bookings.

What is the maximum price of my accommodation?

This is the maximum price you are willing to rent your home for a night.

What does my reservation rate means?

Your reservation rate is the number of nights you rented out on all 30 days. For example 15 nights booked over the next 30 days will give you a reservation rate of 50%.

Why do my apartment prices go up and down ?

Frogly calculates the best price for your home every day for all the next 90 days or the next 365 days depending on whether you have subscribed to a Classic or Premium subscription. That is why the price of one night for a certain date will be different if you look today or tomorrow. A multitude of criteria in the calculation of your prices such as seasonality, events ...

What will happen if I do not agree with your prices?

Prices are calculated and adjusted to your home each day Airbnb. If a price does not match, you can log in and change it manually on Airbnb. Don't miss these manual updates on Airbnb will be replaced by those of Frogly.

I have modified price for weekends on Airbnb, does it works with Frogly?

We recommend that you disable this feature on Airbnb as this will cancel the price changes made by Frogly. We calculate the best price day by day with important sources of information, therefore our prices are more accurate and suitable.

Does the price Frogly includes recommendations for cleaning the accommodation and booking fees?

Our recommendations only concern the price of the night. However, we can advise you on cleaning costs, it 's to charge your real price, so as not to impact the work of the algorithm, especially for last minute bookings.

I want my tenants are a minimum of nights, can I still use Frogly?

Yes, the price optimization service works when you have restrictions in terms of minimum number of nights.

How do I add my Airbnb account?

Simply Frogly from your space, click the button labeled "Connect with Airbnb"

Why do I connect my Airbnb account to benefit from Frogly price adjustment?

Frogly needs your Airbnb identifiers in order to update the daily price changes. Your login and password are encrypted at the highest level and only the application has access.

Can I connect my Airbnb Frogly free account?

Yes, you can view our price recommendations as well as a wealth of information about your housing. However, price adjustments can not be saved to your Airbnb account without having connected your Airbnb account.

I connect to Facebook with Airbnb, Frogly can I use?

You will need to add an email and a password to your Airbnb account to benefit from our pricing adjustments to your dwelling. You will find here the instructions on the website Airbnb to add an email and a password to your account. You can then use either your Facebook account or email to connect to Airbnb.

How to reconnect my account Airbnb, for example if I change my password?

If you change Airbnb password, you will need to set the new password on Frogly to continue to benefit from price adjustments. Simply log on your space and update your Airbnb password.

Another question ?

If you do not find an answer to your question, send us an email info@frogly.co