Improve your income on Airbnb up to 30%

with automatic daily pricing for your Airbnb.

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Or, simply analyze your Airbnb for free:

Earn from rising prices:

The price of your home increases on certain dates when demand is high.

Also earn from declining prices:

The price of your listing is gradually decreased to cause a booking when demand is low.

Increase your reservations:

You may rent at a higher price but also more often. Bottom line, incomes can go up by 30%.

How does it works ?

Automatically optimize the price of your Airbnb in 3 minutes.

Analyze for free

Frogly analyzes the supply and demand around your home to calculate the best price for your accommodation.

Set Parameters

Define your criteria (min price, max ...), and Frogly will consider it in its calculations.

Automate on Airbnb

Your optimized prices are synchronized every 24 hours on your Airbnb, automatically! You rent out more often, and at a better price.

A simple and flexible offer

Optimized price calendar

Discover your pricing schedule optimized for the next 90 nights through the Frogly algorithm. For each night we recommend a price in order to rent more often and at the best price level for your Airbnb.


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